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RichAdventures is a travel club that combines the collaborative efforts and collective bargaining powers of its membership to arrange group trips and activities at group or discounted rates and prices.

RichAdventures is not a travel agency. It therefore assumes no responsibilities, liabilities, or risks, either directly or indirectly, for financial, personal, health, legal, or other issues associated with the trips & activities arranged for, and/or participated in by its members.

All RichAdventures activities and trips are considered private agreements between the individual members and the offering or contracted travel agency for a particular activity. Any changes in schedule, cancellation policies, trip interruptions, and all other activity or trip matters are deemed to exist solely between the individual member and the travel agency.

In the event of problems or issues relating to any planned activity, RichAdventures will strive to quickly mediate between the members and the travel agencies as best it can, but offers no guarantees or warrantees, implied or specific, as to a final resolution. 


By becoming a member of, or communicating with RichAdventures & GoodTimesProductions, you may at times receive product information, updates, or notices from us regarding our businesses and/or web sites.

We never sell, distribute, share, or disclose your personal information to other businesses (on-line or otherwise), or organizations in any form whatsoever.

RichAdventures & GoodTimesProductions use Paypal as it's sole agent for payment processing for deposits, payments, and items sold herein, and transmits to them only that information which you provide to us for that specific transaction.

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